Smart Technology

Home Automation is a combination of hardware and software that enables a home to be more convenient, efficient, entertaining, and secure. Appliances, lighting, security systems, ventilation, as well as a myriad of other devices can be controlled through the use of Home Automation technologies. These devices are generally controlled locally, through the use of infrared, radio frequency, X-10, or emerging technologies such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave or ZigBee. In addition, Home Automation technologies also allow these devices to be controlled remotely via the World Wide Web. Vendors of Home Automation technologies include Home Automation, Incorporated (HAI), HomeSeer Technologies, and Motorola.

Instructions for accessing the HAI Web-link II for Blueroof’s Model Home

Network Cameras

Network Cameras are digital motion cameras that can be viewed from anywhere via the World Wide Web. Unlike traditional webcams which must connect to a standalone personal computer, Network Cameras contain a built-in Ethernet server which allows the devices to connect directly to a local network. This allows Network Cameras to be much more flexible and independent than traditional webcams. Vendors of Network Cameras include Axis, D-Link, Linksys, and Panasonic.

Live Demonstration of Network Cameras (Panasonic Network Camera – Master Bedroom)

Live Demonstration of Network Cameras (Panasonic Network Camera – Front Porch)

Live Demonstration of Network Cameras (Panasonic Network Camera – Kitchen Room)

Live Demonstration of Network Cameras (Panasonic Network Camera – Living Room)

Camera Images

A feature available to the Network Cameras is the ability for the camera to capture the images it takes and save them as jpeg images. To accomplish this we setup a motion detector and programmed the camera to save or capture an image anytime the motion detector is tripped.

PPG SunClean Windows

The PPG SunClean Windows are a self-cleaning window; these windows are coated with a special nano-technology layer which washes the dirt away whenever water touches the glass.  Thank you PPG for donotating these windows to the Blueroof Model Cottage.

To view the SunClean Window Camera, select ‘Preset 1’ for the SunClean Window View: Click here